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Being Too Harsh On Ourselves – A Perspective of Motherhood

Ask any mother, ‘How is she doing’, and the most common answer you will get from mommies across the world is ‘I hardly get time to breathe’. As mothers, we are always on our toes. Right from the time we... Continue Reading →


5 Ways To Embrace Motherhood – Chaos, Mess, Sleeplessness And All!

Ask any mother about her journey, and probably the answer you will get from most moms is that - 'Motherhood is not easy'. While every woman rejoices the moment she realises she is going to be a mother, she also... Continue Reading →

What makes you beautiful?

Today was just another day. I was working on the laptop, and my little Zuzu was coloring in the coloring book.All of sudden she came to me, grabbed a pencil color and started to paint my lips with it. :)... Continue Reading →

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